We Are

We are because Christ created us. We love only because Christ loved us. We live only because Christ died for us.

Romans 15:13
"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope , through the power of the Holy Ghost."



Monday, June 30, 2014

Friends, Thunderstorm Parties, God's lightening show, and Dancing in the Rain

Last night whilst on Close up for camp, I was blessed with just a fun night with people I love dearly and to top it off we got blasted with an incredible storm! I had been sitting in the entry way to our Town Hall and heard thunder so immediately myself and good friend Jenny looked at each other and darted out the door to see the oncoming storm. Sitting on the porch listening to the thunder rumble and the beautiful lightening flashing, it was amazing. As soon as chapel had ended I was walking to my house and I looked up and it was so very dark. I haven't seen clouds that black in a very long time. I knew that I might want to grab my duster and just be ready for rain and adventure! I had just grabbed my duster and headed out the door when the first sprinkles started, mind you the lightening was getting more and more intense and the thunder louder. I hurried across the lawn and went to join my close up crew on the Ox Yoke porch, whom are hilarious and so much fun! Just about when I sat down, Chapel let out and whoooosh! The rain came down in a torrential downpour which was incredible gorgeous! Now, if you don't know me in person you must know how much I just positively love rain and storms (as long as I'm safe), something about it just makes me laugh and get really really excited. So I'm literally bouncing, laughing and just enjoying the mini niagra falls from the roof when my friend Aime dashed out and started dancing and I just couldn't resist so yep! I dashed out and we were spinning and just enjoying God's creation, while praying that lightening wouldn't strike us :) The power flickered quite a few times and the contrast of the sky and lightening was stunning! Then we looked up and saw the pink and blue night sky peaking through the storm clouds and it was breathtaking. A bunch of us went over to the backside of our new bathhouse which has a perfect storm watching porch and watched lightening and the sunset. I just couldn't stop smiling and giggling at how amazing and powerful our God is. Sometimes I can't even keep it to myself so I shout that God is amazing!!!! To think that we serve Him is even more humbling. He is so gracious to love and use us for His glory. I never know what He is going to do and in that I am really ok with. What better place to be than in the center of the will of the one who created you?Just the raw powerful beauty......yep I really don't even know how to finish this sentence because there is no way to describe the matchless grace, beauty and love of God.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Did you ever have a time in your life when you were looking at old photos or something triggered a memory in your brain that made you almost cry and want to go back to those times? This has happened to me quite frequently the past few days. Most of my memories are of myself and my best friend Mia gallivanting across the world (ok maybe it was just the Ranch) having adventures and just being country girls. I think this was spurred because she has moved across the United States to Texas. Now I'm super duper excited for her and the family but it's like a season has come to an end and I know it will never be the same. Ever, I grieve because I know I will never go back and be the carefree young girls riding our "hobbit ponies" in the woods and crawfish hunting. God has chosen to move us apart and give us separate lives. And we both must adjust and know that we will still always be sisters in Christ no matter how far away God takes us.
   Another change and memory that is sweet is the memory of Holidays and the special times at home. You know you're growing up when the new generations don't know certain tv programs like "Magic School Bus", "Bernstein Bears", Looney Toons, etc. Gone are the days of summer with no responsibilities and cartoons with a sugary breakfast you only get at Grandmas and Grandpas.  My parents are preparing to retire and selling our house and moving. Just knowing that I may never be in that house again is just so weird. I spent my teen years there, learned to be a woman there, lost my childhood friend (my dog Bully) there, bought my first horse there, graduated there and the list goes on and on. Mom says "Home is where family is" which is true but going to "my parents house" for Christmas vs "home" is definitely different. 
    Now don't get me wrong. Growing up is an adventure and totally fun, and sometimes completely overwhelming and terrifying but a necessity of life. We only get to live once. Make the best memories possible and be sure to love the family that God gave you. Things always change but God never does!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

These are the Days of our Lives

Days. The gift that God gives us to simply glorify Him. The man made 24 hr time created to match the design that God gave us. They're intricately designed for the seasons and things to grow and die. For people to sleep and be awake. Even the animals sleep and know when to go rest. Everyday we make choices that God predestined and that will mold our lives and prepare us for the next day. What a blessing it is to be able to live life here on the planet that was designed for us. Imagine what Heaven will be like!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Story of My Life

Wow, seems like forever, and yes I admit I am a horrible blogger. I know most of you have heard of the newest song from Piano Guys "Story of My Life" (first made big by One Direction). I have to say it is one of the ones that has hit home with me. God has brought me on an incredible journey the past couple months/weeks/days. We are entering into our summer season and so desperately I want to have a Story of My life that is fascinating and meaningful that when people look back at it they say wow. And then God pokes my heart saying, "Am I not enough for people to look back on and say she loved Him with everything in her being?" The pppptttthhhhhh (that's the sound of air leaving something inflated) I am again humbled and made to feel so utter small and selfish. I have an amazing life that God has blessed me with to be able to serve hundreds even thousands of people all the time and reflect God's amazingness to them! God is totally worth looking at and saying WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!
    This summer is very stretching already and I've only had one week of semi summer camp. I literally looked up to heaven one day and said, "Lord, I have absolutely nothing, I am yours use me as you will this summer. Break me if necessary, and bring my heart so close to Yours that nothing can get between them." Sadly, He has revealed how much I have allowed and chosen to come between He and I. But by the grace of God He has washed me clean and renewed me to be able to walk closer to Him. And I have a whole new picture of what Grace looks like. Praise be to God!!!