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We are because Christ created us. We love only because Christ loved us. We live only because Christ died for us.

Romans 15:13
"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope , through the power of the Holy Ghost."



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ending of A Season, the Beginning of Another

My 2013 Kitchen Crew!
Saturday the 17th marked the day that the School of Discipleship class of 2013 graduated. It was an exciting weekend filled with laughter and reliving the year. Everyone got dressed up in celebration of finishing out the year and the banquet was to be remembered. As I sat there and watched "My" kiddos walk down to receive their long awaited and hard earned certificates, and some the cherished Box Cross buckle, I was struck with so many emotions. Tears of joy and pride welled within me as I saw young men and women who had grown so far. Sadness creeped in as well, some of these cherished people I would not see again, others I might not be rid of ;) (not that I would want to be rid of anyone really :) And still others would come and go in my life as God desired them to. Selfishly, I wanted to keep them all so that I could enjoy them longer. But how could I be so selfish to want to keep them for my own gain?? God has commissioned them to walk according to His Word and spread the gospel to all the world! The have the amazing opportunity to walk as Jesus walked beyond what any of us could imagine. The celebration went on late into the night, hugs, tears, and smiles for victory pictures were shared and some even went out on the town!
   Sunday morning broke early and my heart was heavy. Some of my dearest friends were departing that day and I knew it would take everything in me to not let the held back tears flow. I made it to the kitchen for chores and the morning of saying so many "see you laters" began. Hugs, and tears flowed freely and I kept praying for the ability to let these dear people go in God's hands. The season with these amazing people has come to a close. I know that I will again be reunited with many of them and I cannot wait for that day. I praise God, who we all believe in, that He will bring our paths together again someday even if I have to wait until Heaven.
    The new season of my life started honestly with tears and pouring my heart out to God on my way to my parents house for a much needed vacation. I realize that so much of me was put in the security of the people around me, and to see that leave was frightening. In two weeks I will have a whole new group of students arrive and I will begin at ground zero. But I on the other hand, am a completely different person. God has shown me His love and grace over and over and over again. I have been pressured, chiseled and molded. I do not have to fear what this next season will bring, I only need to fear the One who created me! If I do not choose to see this as a growing season it will not be one. I know I will miss the people that God is using elsewhere, but I also know that God has me where I am for a specific reason.  I may never know that reason or see the results but God has asked me to walk worthy of the vocation with which I was called. So, in light of this...Bring it On!!! :D
Congratulations SOD Class of 2013!! I love you and am praying for all of you! See you Soon!

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  1. Loved this post! Thanks Jemi for the reminder. =) Praying for you and miss you tons!!