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We are because Christ created us. We love only because Christ loved us. We live only because Christ died for us.

Romans 15:13
"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope , through the power of the Holy Ghost."



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rainbows and Rain Clouds

 The seasons have changed and Summer has said its goodbye (::::sniff sniff::) and Fall has yelled it's hello. bursting our world into vibrant colors, crisp smells, fall parties of apple cider, apple pie, pumpkins and fellowship.  It is a fun and invigorating time of year. In the same way God takes us through seasons to make us come closer to Him. During the past week God has taken me through a small winter and taken me into a summer filled with small rain storms but the best part is that He sends a rainbow to brighten my day! Some of these rainbows are that we were able to purchase a round pen!! Two He sent us a christian farrier who knows of MMR and is friends with some alumni! Three my horse and a new horse is coming on Friday!!!
 A small rainstorm that happened yesterday is that we had to euthanize one of our senior horses. He was very old and wasn't able to keep weight on for multiple reasons. He would not have made it through the winter so we humanly put him to rest yesterday. Even though he died we have the rainbow of that he is no longer suffering and we now have room for more horses. 
  Throughout this week God has been challenging me to continually talk to Him and glorify Him in all things.  The circumstances I have been presented with have given me the choice to live in Christ, seek His will, and shine for Him. To be in the world but not of it. Whether it be with the movies I watch, the speech that comes out of my mouth, or what I listen too. Slowly, I am learning to build my foundation on Christ more securely without having someone else's rules for me to follow. I am called to seek truth always!
 I have officially moved into my apartment that is adjoined to the house! I have a roommate named Eva and she has been such a blessing! We have revamped the entire place painting and remodeling it to make it "ours" :)

  This weekend we have our annual open house for the goat dairy and I am in charge of a fundraiser for our program. So, how would I do that? Pony Rides!!!! :) It will be an experience to run it instead of just helping but I'm excited. We are raising money in order to build stalls in our barn so we have enough housing for 9 horses, a tack room, feed room etc.
   I want to thank everyone who has been praying as I cherish them! Keep praying as we have a long road before we are in full swing.
- Round pen for training
- Moved into my apartment and painting it 
- Christian friends 

- Safe Transport of horses on Friday
- Open house over the weekend
- We will raise money to revamp the barn
- A vehicle for me to be able to make runs to town, haul horses, and do farm work

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