We Are

We are because Christ created us. We love only because Christ loved us. We live only because Christ died for us.

Romans 15:13
"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope , through the power of the Holy Ghost."



Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Change. The one thing that no one really enjoys yet every life must have change in order to grow. We change growing up, we change when we go to college, we all must change when we step out on our own. And within every aspect of life there are seasons that are painful but underneath the "growing pains" is the knowledge that God is ever Sovereign and loves us more than ever. The current season in my life is saying "see you later's" to some of my dearest friends and adopted family members. The School of Discipleship students have graduated and moved on to the change in their lives that God has asked of them. As painful as it is to see them leave I am very grateful that I was able to spend a year of my life with them. As a Father figure told me as I was (yes I'm a big soft teddy bear inside) crying and trying to pull myself together: "Good things do not/cannot happen without change."  It is never easy adjusting without someone you love in your life. But in the times that the silence is almost deafening and the loneliness seems to be unbearable the comfort of Jesus Christ drowns out the noise and reminds us that He is the ultimate Comforter (John 14 & 15) and one who brings us hope (Romans 15:13)

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